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Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Serving Benton and Franklin Counties since 1965

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Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, April 22, 7 pm

Kennewick First Lutheran Church
Corner of Hwy 395 and Yelm

Understainding Shore Birds: The Miracle of Migratiion

Tim Boyer

This is an hour-long presentation looking at the incredible migratory paths of shorebirds and how and why they migrate such long distances.

   Our speaker this month is Tim Boyer, of Seattle. Tim Boyer Photography specializes in birds and water landscapes. He offers workshops for bird photography that typically are held in wonderful locations to photograph birds, from sites in Washington State to San Diego. He sells his photography and advertises his workshops through his website

Birds of the Tri-Cities Checklist
[Note: This checklist is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 14 in paper and folded in 4 folds width-wise.]

Birds of the Tri-Cities Annotated Checklist

Benton County Bird List for 2014
This is a list of species reported in Benton County by date.

U.S. House Natural Resources Committee

Click this link if you would like to send a message to the: House Natural Resources Committee. Click this link to contact Committee Members.

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Bateman Bird Walk, Saturday
May 3, 8 AM

Bateman Island Sign

Junior Audubon Schedule

  • Sat. Nov. 16    - Bird Banding
  • Thu. Dec. 12   - After school Mtg.
  • Sat. Jan. 11     - Scope ducks wintering on the river
  • Thu. Feb. 13   - Great Backyard Bird Count
  • Sat. Mar. 13    - Bird Walk
  • Sat. Mar. 29    - Sandhill Crane Festival
  • Thu. Apr. 17   - Feathers and Nests
  • Thu. May 15   - International Migratory Bird Day Game

Buy Seed - Feed the Birds - Earn Money for LCBAS!

Any time you buy seed at Columbia Grain & Feed, just mention Audubon and LCBAS will receive a donation.

Learn bird sounds with Larkwire. It's a great tool and your purchase supports Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society!

Larkwire is an application that resides on the web – meaning that you have to be connected to the internet to access it - and can be played on a computer or on several other devices  (iPad, iPod, some Android systems).

[NOTE: If you don't use our link above, and purchase Larkwire independently, be sure to include the code 'LCBAS' and our Chapter will still get credit.]

Next Board Meeting

May 5, 2014

6:15 PM
Location TBD

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Board Meetings are open to all members.

AUDUBON MISSION STATEMENT - To conserve and restore ecosystems, focusing on birds and wildlife, for the benefit of humanity and Earth's biological diversity. Audubon educates adults and children about the environment, advocates responsible public policy and legislation for natural resources, and conducts science-based projects using birds as indicators of health of the natural world.

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